On October 19th of 2008 I made matt.com, and the lesson of government, money, and economics live to the world.  Since then, tens of thousands of people have visited the site, and hundreds have emailed me with questions and comments.  Moving forward, I plan to start replying to these questions via my blog so I can engage everyone in the discussion.

And while I believe the issue of money and economics is probably more important than any other issue, I don’t intend to limit the scope of this blog to that topic.  I have a lot of online conversations with a lot of people (in IM and in e-mail) about a lot of real stuff—stuff about politics, people, religion, technology, business, the future, etc. etc.  I realized that I, and the people involved, pour a lot of effort and thought into these great conversations.  I want to use this forum to share the ideas that arise from these conversations.  This way my time talking to people isn’t just entertainment; it is research.  That research will fuel future blog entries.

I won’t be the only one posting.  I hope to convince lots of people to put their thoughts into blog form and post them here.

We will see what happens!  Please check back soon.

Feel free to contact me directly by e-mail if you have any questions or comments.  Good feedback will likely turn into a new blog entry!

Matthew Walton

(And no, matt.com is not for sale.  Just to make my point, the largest offer I have received is $250,000 and I turned that down.  Right now I value the opportunity this domain name provides me to communicate too highly to sell.)

Comments, Questions, Feedback?