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I’m gonna try this again…

So my About page implies that I would have been regularly updating my blog with brilliant thoughts and insight originating from my conversations.  I wrote that early this year (2010).  Sadly, my updates have been minimal.  The reason for this is that I’ve spent far too much time trying to complete essay length posts that would make up some kind of a curriculum for the idea of liberty.  I’m realizing that this is too large a bite for me to take at this point.  Still, if you haven’t yet, I would encourage you to take a look at my “curriculum” thus far:

Politics is Force: What is the fatal flaw with political discourse, as it exists today?

Collectivism vs. Individuality: Group identity compels the abandonment of our basic ethical principles.

The Money Machine: Unlimited money creation is the greatest threat the world has ever seen.

Because they will serve as context for future posts, I have created links to them on the right.  I will be referring to them regularly—I think.

So, moving forward I think I’m going to worry less with delivering a systematic treatise and more on just tossing out my stream-of-consciousness.  I’ll talk about liberty, but I’ll also talk about culture, logic, and probably some out-of-place nonsense as well.  I don’t really know exactly.  We’ll see how this goes.  🙂


On October 19th of 2008 I made, and the lesson of government, money, and economics live to the world.  Since then, tens of thousands of people have visited the site, and hundreds have emailed me with questions and comments.  Moving forward, I plan to start replying to these questions via my blog so I can engage everyone in the discussion.

And while I believe the issue of money and economics is probably more important than any other issue, I don’t intend to limit the scope of this blog to that topic.  I have lots of musings and opinions on politics and people, and I hope to get a lot of people interested in and talking about a lot of different things.

We will see what happens!  Please check back soon!